Michael Kvium – artworks from the collection

The exhibition Michael Kvium shows works from Horsens Kunstmuseums big collection of artworks by the danish artist Michael Kvium(born 1955).

Kvium’s works are seeking the corners of our culture and staging the gloomy and macabre, the moral and physical decay. His visual universe deals with the world that we live in and the dark aspects of our existence. His approach is uncompromising, for which reason his works often awake both fascination and disgust.

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Installation from 34 Years – 34 Works

34 Years – 34 Works

9 February – 22 May 2018
Horsens Art Museum has built a large and significant collection of experimental contemporary art since the museum began its present life in Pavillon Lunden back in 1984. With the exhibition ’34 years – 34 works’ the museum focuses on the collection by presenting a work from each year of the period 1984 – 2017. Normally, the museum’s staff selects the works in connection with the museum’s exhibitions, but in 34 years – 34 works, the museum has invited 34 people from Horsens to select the works for the exhibition.
The museum’s collection contains over 2600 works by artists such as Nina Sten Knudsen, Michael Kvium, Christian Lemmerz, Lars Nørgård, Erik A. Frandsen, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Nikoline Liv Andersen, Rose Eken, Emil Westman Hertz, Ib Braase, Bjørn Nørgaard, Gudrun Hasle, Dorte Dalin and many more.

The exhibition 34 years – 34 works should therefore be seen as an entrance to  Horsens Art Museum’s large collection, seen with new eyes. In connection with the exhibition, it has been possible for the participants to choose between painting, sculpture and installation.

The 34 participants from Horsens are:
Ole Puggaard, Erik Rosenbæk, Bent Riis, Simon Lundvig, Inge Kristiansen, Lasse Schuleit, Jacob Bille, Inger Schur, Mette Hyldgaard, Gorm Flagstad, Christian Rimestad, Astrid Søes Poulsen, Mogens Vig Pedersen, Jens Eybye, Tina Nørregaard Hedeager, Henriette Wittendorff Ipsen, Peter Sinding Poulsen, Tine Frisenette, Thilde Severine Bjørnskov Andersen, Karin Mehl Pedersen, Nanna Asmussen, Thomas Monberg Andersen, Inger Andersen, Phine Van Dang, Stine W. Kølholt, Peter Sørensen, Freja Nordenhof, Emily Anakia Ivanhoe Andersen, Bogdan – lonut Scutaru, Ida Louise Visti Petersen, Thea Bang, Silas Storm Justesen, Linda Lykke and Christine Bugtrup.


‘Fairway’ 2014 Lars Nørgård


‘Salon des Refusés’ installation by Tina Maria Nielsen

On show in the period: 10th of march – 19th august 2018.

Horsens Art Museum has incorporated the total installation ‘Salon des Refusés’ from 2016 by Tina Maria Nielsen into the museum’s collection. The work was originally created for the exhibition room in the basement of Den Frie Udstillling in Copenhagen in 2016. The work was acquired into Horsens Art Museum’s collection thanks to a donation from Ny Carlsbergfondet.